Sunbuster Caravans

Steve van Schagen, Dealer Principal

Steve’s dream for the past 10 years has been to have his own caravan yard. Being Australia’s No1 shade manufacturer staged his introduction to the caravan industry. 

Becoming thoroughly entrenched in the caravan industry over the past 23 years places him in the powerful position of being quickly recognized under the SunBuster brand.

Joining ranks with Maverick Campers, Adelaide’s leader in Campers and Hybrids, Sunbuster Caravans has evolved. Steve is determined to keep his philosophy of Customer Service and Family atributes at the forefront. He invites you all who have experienced bad times with the purchase of their van to come in and experience hospitality at its forefront.

Phone: 0412 673 276


Stefan Teutsch, Sales Team Leader.

As with all families the son is always brought in as the air apparent. Stefan joined the company 12 months ago and is stepping up, taking on training, and learning communication the family way. Coming for Switzerland to join the company has seen him in favor with our clients for his European flavor. Come in and meet Stefan and find out the other side of worldliness.

Phone: 0400 331 503